> One of the world’s leading manufacturers of recording equipment, providing the world with the required tools for high difficulty shots

> One of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-rotor UAV systems, one of the world’s first integrated multi-rotor UAV systems

> National high-tech enterprise with a brand recognized in Guangdong and Shenzhen

Shenzhen AEE Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading global provider of recording equipment, multi-rotor UAV systems and unmanned aircrafts. The company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Xianzhi Zhang through an investment of 200 million Yuan. The company aims to become a first-class electronic technology enterprise, a world renowned brand and views garnering national glory as a responsibility. AEE is an electronic technology enterprise composed of R&D, manufacturing and sales focuses. It is the parent company of subsidiaries focused on UAV’s and their corresponding aircrafts, police equipment, and other precision technology.


AEE has continued to increase annual R&D investment and undertake a number of government focused technology development projects and thanks to their hard work AEE has become the multi-rotor unmanned aircraft technical standard decided by the Ministry of Public Security. AEE is also owns many leading technological achievements and intellectual property rights, patents including PCT international patents, utility model patents, design patents, and more than 500 software copyrights. AEE has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise welcomed by the industry and community and an extremely well-known Shenzhen brand in the Guangdong Province.


AEE’s headquarters are located in the city of Shenzhen in the Bao’an District including a R&D Center and a Manufacturing Plant spanning 100 000 m/sq2 with over 1 500 employees. AEE was the first Chinese company to pass ISO9001, ISO14001, and QC080000 testing. Further certifications include the military standard management system FCC certification by the U.S. Federal Communications Office, the CE certification of the EU member states, and China’s 3C certification. The company also introduced and promoted 6 Sigma and industrial engineering (IE) technology and other advanced management methods, while introducing the WEEE and ROHS directive the ensure a high level of quality of the products for domestic and international clients. AEE’s efficient R&D and business teams provide professional product and marketing solutions, and quality service for added value to their product.


AEE’s industry and product advantages have garnered major media attention and coverage including CCTV-1 general channel, CCTV-4 international news network, CCTV-news channel, CCTV-2 economics channel, Phoenix Channel and many local TV stations with the headlines “Created in China,” and “National Initiative” with a comprehensive report mentioning the combat applications of AEE’s UAV system. AEE has also been highlighted in a wide range of international media including the “Wall Street Journal” of the United States with the title “Chinese UAV Debut in North America” followed by an in-depth article.


AEE 2D and 3D action camera products are widely used and their high-definition video content can be seen on numerous overseas television sports programs, in documentaries and on the domestic CCTV sports channel (CCTV-5). Many media and sports industries have long-term strategic cooperation with AEE; their recording equipment has become an essential tool in professional sports videos, travel videos and television documentaries. AEE is involved in various domestic and international sports activities such as professional cycling races every year, motorcycle racing, autocross, flying, paragliding, skiing, sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing, and golf becoming a main partner in many sporting events. AEE’s independent research and development helped it produce an integrated multi-rotor UAV system that can be widely used for military and police reconnaissance, anti-terrorism, riot control, security monitoring, disaster relief, patrolling, search and rescue, tracking, public safety, traffic regulation, exploration surveys, environmental and weather monitoring, industrial monitoring audits, scientific investigation, commercial and professional videography and photography, just to name a few. They have been well received by the military, police, firefighters, SWAT as well as commercial and industrial businesses in electricity, telecommunications, mining, geography, real estate, science, sports, tourism, television, media and advertising, photography and even recreational persons of a range of ages. AEE’s police recording equipment products can be widely used in the military, the police force, national and public security, fire prevention, traffic control, anti-terrorism efforts and more, to record law enforcement activities and other evidence.


AEE has actively expanded their global sales channels establishing branches in developed countries and regions of the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and a network of distributors so their recording equipment, both AEE and OEM, are available in Europe, Asia, and 55 other countries and regions. AEE has established long-term stable cooperative relationships with many of the most well-known domestic and foreign companies including Best Buy, Frys, Carrefour, Costco, MediaMarkt, Sams Club, RadioShack, Dicksmith, Saturn, Auchan, Maplin, Clas Ohlson, and other large international chain channels; AEE’s brand influence overseas is slowly rising in the market. Their products are also readily available across several electronic business platforms, national outdoor sports stores, bike stores, chain stores and other specialized channels including Suning, Tesco, Lynx, Jingdong, Amazon and Dangdang. AEE’s police recording equipment and unmanned aircraft products have been widely available to the law enforcement of European countries and domestic provinces and municipalities.


AEE will always adhere to “professional innovation” as their direction, regulating their development with the market in mind and a future-oriented business philosophy. They will adhere to good faith cooperation and will always shoulder their undertaking “to provide innovative technological products and to create an international brand with national pride.” Their corporate mission is also not to be forgotten, “to create leading edge technology, innovative product design, high quality products and services to meet consumer needs, and to become one of the industry’s most powerful electronics companies. 

AEE Hi-Tech Park,Tangtou Crossroads,Shiyan Town,Baoan District Shenzhen,P.R.C.

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