● 1080P/60fps HD dynamic frames,16MP photo resolution,super sharpness;
● Excellent waterproof and dustproof:level up to IP67;
● Built-in 2"  touchscreen(960x240),florid frames and Convenient setting;
● Built-in 1800mah lithium battery, 4 hours continue recording time(1080P/30f);
● Built-in Wi-Fi transmission function,control and display for long distance,The use of follow one's inclinations;

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    S80 Plus Operation Tutorial Video
    S80 Plus wireless remote link operation


All function description

HD resolution   

Video    resolution/fps
     NTSC system:
     1920x1080  60fps
     1920x1080  48fps
     1920x1080  30fps
     1920x1080  24fps
     1280x960  60fps
     1280x960  48fps
     1280x720P 120f
     1280x720P 60f 
Video    resolution/fps
     PAL system:
     1920x1080P  50fps
     1920x1080P  48fps
     1920x1080P  25fps
     1920x1080P  24fps
     1280x960P  50fps
     1280x960P  48fps
     1280x720P 100fps
     1280x720P 50fps
Photo    resolution:16.0M,12.0M,8.0M 
140-degree ultra-wide    angle,

More Intelligent function 

Auto white balance,Auto Exposure;
Fast shooting:3,6,8/sec;
Auto continue    capture:0.5sec、1sec、2sec、3sec、5sec、10sec、20sec;
Time    Lapse:1sec、2sec、5sec、10sec、30sec
Support video content loop
180° photo rollover;
Built-in G-sensor : auto    start/stop;
RTC for video recording &    photo taking
4X digital zoom

Wi-Fi transmission function

Built-in Wi-Fi transmission function, APP apply    to iphone/iPad/android system, Maximum 100m Wi-Fi transmission;
Built-in Wi-Fi transmission    function,Maximum 120m Wi-Fi transmission by remote control;


Waterproof up to 1m without housing; 
Built-in 2" touchscreen    (960x240);
Built-in micphone,high-quality    audio;
Apply to USB2.0;
Support AV out; 
Support  audio in,,external micphone ;
Support 64GB micro SD card    capacity;
Support HDMI output;
Super shockproof performance and    fall-down protecting;
Built-in speaker,keypad tone    hint;
Built-in 1800mah lithium    battery, 4 hours continue recording time(1080P/30f);
Automatic standby power saving    function;

Used Widely

A variety of accessories design,free    hands,truly realize the sports process of recording;
Operating system , widely used    in Windows 98 se / 2000 / Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS etc operating system;
APP support to    download/playback;
APP support to upload files to    youtube and other popular web sites.

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