● UHD video shooting, up to 100fps at 1080P
● 1600M photo resolution,150° wide angle lens, f/2.8 aperture
● 12X digital zoom
● 2 inches touch screen
● Advanced built-in Wi-Fi transmission
● Built-in G-Sensor, auto start and stop shooting
● Unique professional waterproof case, water depth up to 100 meters


UHD, Smart, Extreme   Record your limits;

60m<control camera remotely  100m<wireless transmission ;

HD shooting

Video shooting at 1440P/60fps, 1080P/100fps, 720P/200fps;

1600M photo resolution;

150° wide angle lens, f/2.8 aperture;

2 inches touch screen;

12X digital zoom;

Smart shooting

Time lapse;

Video camera synchronization;

video loop;

image 90°/180°/270° turnover;

Built-in G-Sensor, auto start and stop shooting;

WiFi function

Camera is controlled by Wi-Firemote; one to multiple device control is available;

Remote control distance up to 60m;

Camera communicates with Android/iOS smartphone, tablet by Wi-Fi, wireless transmission up to 100m;

Unique Design

2 inches touch screen;

Full direction winker, easily identify functional status;

Unique professional waterproof case, water depth up to 100 meters;

Anti-shock, anti-dust, anti-fog, anti-freeze, anti-sediment, image stabilization design;

Built-in microphone, high quality stereo audio recording;

External TF card up to 64GB;


A variety of accessories;

Adapt to all kind of weather; record all kinds of extreme sports in land, sea, and air;

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