l  Follow Me function, intelligently follow your shooting

l  3-axis gimbal, 1080P/60fps video, 16MP stills

l  Support to mount AEE S-series cameras and GoPro cameras

l  GPS system, automatic return-to-home, automatic hover

l  Hook and flotation device can be installed

AP11 Performance:

>> Follow Me function, intelligently follow your shooting

>> 3-axis gimbal, shooting more stable 

>> 1080P/60fps video, 16MP stills, 8P/s burst

>> Standard package comes with new aerial photography camera S61 that is equipped with new CMOS sensor technology.

>> Support to mount AEE S-series cameras and GoPro cameras

>> GPS system, automatic return-to-home, automatic hover, low power landing 

>> A flotation device with bearing weight of 1.5KG can be installed for taking off and landing on the water.

>> A hook with bearing weight of 500g can be installed for more uses.

>> Built-in Wi-Fi and smart app for remote control and real time preview.

>> Max flight speed: 20m/s, cruising speed: 6m/s 

>> Max flight altitude: 4000m, Max height limit: 300m

>> Max flight time: 20 minutes

>> Support micro SD card up to 64GB 


In the package:

1. AP11 drone  2. Y08 remote control  3. Repeater 4. GT10 Tracker  5. 6800mah battery

6. Propellor protectors  7. 3-axis gimbal  8. S61 camera  9. Hook  10. Floatation device

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