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  • 1.AEE trade advantage+

    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of recording equipment, providing the world with the required tools for high difficulty shots.

    One of the world’s leading manufacturers of multi-rotor UAV systems, one of the world’s first integrated multi-rotor UAV systems.

    National high-tech enterprise with a brand recognized in Guangdong and Shenzhen.

  • 1.How can quadcopter land smoothly?+

    Before performing CSC, pull down the left stick to less than5% ofthe stick level, and then execute CSC.  This way you can land the quadcopter smoothly.

  • 2.Precautions while using App on multiple mobile devices+

    During flight if the App is used on one mobile device and then launched on another mobile device, please make sure you completely log out from the App in the original mobile device, so that the App can be normally used on the other mobile device.

  • 3.Wi-Fi could not be re-connected?+

    This is because after the mobile device disconnects from Quadcopter Wi-Fi connection, the mobile device automatically connects to other Wi-Fi networks. Please check your mobile device is connected to the Quadcopter Wi-Fi network.

  • 4.Quadcopter is out of sight and the Wi-Fi is disconnected?+

    Turn off the transmitter and let the quadcopter automatically return. Ensure there are no obstructions on the quadcopter’s return path, and ensure you are familiar with the procedures on how to regain control of the quadcopter.

    Turn off the Transmitter to trigger the Failsafe mode and the quadcopter will start to fly back, descend, and land at the Home Point. Ensure there are no obstacles between the AP10 and the Home Point and that you are familiar with the procedure for regaining control.

  • 5.There are errors in transmitter sticks mid-point (neutral) position+

    When there is a big error in neutral position of remote control sticks, the motors cannot start when performing CSC. Errors in Transmitter sticks neutral position.

    usually occur in two cases:

    1. When quadcopter is ON and the stick (except throttle) is not in neutral position-Solution: Move all Transmitter sticks to neutral position, and re-start the 

    quadcopter, to re-record the neutral position.If problem persists, it may be caused due to case . 

    2. Transmitter sticks have been trimmed, leading to deviation in neutral position, i.e., there is a large asymmetry in quadcopter stick position-Solution: Recalibrate 

    the Remote Control.

  • 6.Caution+

    (1) Do not directly pull out the battery when the Quadcopter is switched on as it may damage the power supply connector .

    (2) For long term storage, discharge the battery to 40%-50% power , and store in a specified battery box. Discharge/charge the battery once every three months to 

    maintain battery life.

    (3) Replace the battery after it has been discharged over 300 times. Completely discharge a battery prior to disposal. 

    (4) Replace the battery if your current battery swells up or is damaged in any way , to avoid fire and explosion.

    (5) Do not charge expanded or damaged batteries.

    (6) Pay attention while charging batteries to prevent accidents.  Always charge batteries on a non-flammable surface, and never near any flammable materials.

    (7) Battery safety is extremely important. Please refer to Disclaimer for more precautions.

  • 7.AP10 product advantages are those?+

    Unparalleled Flight:

    Fly faster and higher with large propellers (10-inch) and high voltage battery (11.1V).

    Unbelievable Intelligence:

    Control more conveniently with remote control or with iOS / Android devices via Wi-Fi.

    Incredible View:

    Capture more details with 1080i/60fps full HD video resolution, 16 megapixel still photo resolution and 120° wide angle.

  • 1.How to install the four propellers?+

    There are two positive propellers and two reverse propellers. The reverse propeller is the one with letter “P” on it. And it must be installed on the bracket where there is also a “P” on it. Put the propeller blade and the airscrew fastness kit together on the correct motor and then tighten the airscrew fastness kit  in clockwise direction with the equipped wrench.

  • 2.How to know the battery capacity?+

    You can check the current power of the battery via battery monitor. Please remember to check the battery power of each part on the unmanned aircraft before taking off. If the power is low, you need to charge it first. Please connect the battery with battery monitor as it shows below. After it’s done, the monitor will firstly display the total voltage, and then the voltage of each single cell in sequence: ALL, NO.1, NO.2, NO.3, NO.4.

  • 3.What to watch for when purchasing the product?+

    Don’t open the package as soon as you get the product. You should firstly check whether the external packing is new. If it looks old, then the product might be the inventory. Secondly, you should check the sealing label of the packing box. Usually there should be a one-time sealing label on the packing box. If the packaging has been opened before, the sealing label must be damaged. But some merchants would like to find some excuses by saying that they must check the products by unpacking. So if you don’t have strong judgment, you’d better ask for an unopened product. Because it’s hard to tell whether the packaged contents, such as battery or other original accessories, are original or not when there is no comparison. What’s worse, the accessories in opened package might have been replaced.

  • 4.What’s your after-sale service?+

    Our service policy is in accordance with the national “Three Guarantees” policy. Within the warranty period, if you find product quality caused by the fault itself, please go to any AEE authorized maintenance center for free repairing with the completed “Warranty Card” and your purchase invoice of our product provided. And we don’t accept any faulted machine due to your modification or adding other features or devices to the original machine by your own purpose.

  • 5.What is AEE unmanned aircraft system driven by?+

    AEE UAV adopted electronic power system which is more reliable, environment friendly and safer.

  • 6.What is the main function of the AEE UAV ground control station?+

    The main function of AEE unmanned aircraft system is: It is a flight control system with workstation software based on F50 unmanned aircraft system. It can simultaneously enable auto flight and hand flying without any external devices—it is possessed of 3D map and will visually display the gesture, coordinate, speed, angle, etc. of the aircraft; it can directly control navigation through ground station, set up navigation point in the map and automatically navigate the aircraft according to the route.

  • 7.Can AEE UAV system bring about the real-time image transmission?+

    Yes, AEE unmanned aircraft system owns the ability of remote real-time image transmission.

  • 8.Which areas is AEE UAV system commonly used in?+

    AEE unmanned aircraft system is mainly used in military area, law enforcement area and civilian area.

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