Higher intensity:

The whole body of the aicraft adopts full carbon fiber composite materials.

Easier operation:

It has full automatic one-button taking off/landing and fool auto-flying function.

With anti-rain function:

Can fly during moderate rain,moderate snow,waterproof level reaches IPX4.

More secure:

Independent R&D flight control system with multiple runaway protection.



Flight Mode

Remote control, automatic flight,   automatic hovering

Empty Weight

≤ 1.8KG

Max. Takeoff Weight


Flight Time

4000mAh: 20min; 6000mAh: 25min;   8000mAh: 30min

Max. Flight Speed


Radius of Remote Control

Metal antenna: 2KM

High-gain dual-frequency   directional antenna: 6KM

Flight Height (relative height)


Takeoff/Landing Wind Speed

Level 6

Operation Temperature

-20-60℃ (Pay attention to battery   heat preservation when the temperature is below 0°)

Operation Humidity


Storage Temperature


Equipped Airborne Camera

1080P HD

Positioning Accuracy

Horizontal < ± 2m Vertical < ± 1m

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